One morning. Hugh, Lila, Mary, and Johnny are having what Mary hates - jambalaya.

"Come on Mary. Try some jambalaya." Lila said.

"No." Mary said.

"Come on Mary. It's very healthy." Johnny pleaded hopefully.

"No!" Mary said. "I want steak, peas, and mashed potatoes!!"

"We are NOT HAVING STEAK, PEAS, AND MASHED POTATOES!!" Hugh said in frustration.

"Now eat your dinner and be happy with what you have." Johnny said.

"NO!!" Mary pounded on the table with her fists.

"Mary, if you don't eat your dinner, you would not get any dessert." Hugh said.

Mary yelled, "But that's not FAIR!!"

Mary became very angry. She threw her dinner at the wall and the jambalaya splattered.

Hugh was very furious and he got very angry at Mary. Mary got in trouble by her father. Mary got punished. She was not allowed to go to Alton Towers. She started to have a tantrum and she started to scream and cry. Hugh glared at Mary and told her, "You are as evil as Vermonious Snaptrap!! Go to bed." He said. And Mary went upstairs to her room crying.

In her room, Gil Nexdor screamed and roared at Mary. Mary screamed and cried. She was annoyed. Lila went to Mary's room and told her that there would be no Alton Towers.

At the kitchen. Gil told Hugh, "I hate Mary so much. She always throws her dinner away that she does not like." "Yes Gil." Hugh replied. "Thank you for sending Mary to her room. I knew she was terrible dad." said Johnny.

And then at the living room. Hugh, Lila, Gil, and Johnny watched Inspector Gadgets Field Trip.