One day. Gosalyn, her father Prince Philip, her mother Ariel, and her brother Boo Boo Bear went to the video store. But when Gosalyn saw a Jumpstart Kindergarten Why Did The Bus Stop vhs, it happened.

Gosalyn asked Prince Philip, "Can i have that Jumpstart Kindergarten Why Did The Bus Stop vhs?" But Prince Philip shook his head and said, "No Gosalyn!! You have too many Jumpstart vhs's at home."

Gosalyn got upset and she started to have a big crying tantrum. She started to scream and cry. Prince Philip got very angry at Gosalyn and said "That does it Gosalyn!! We are going home."

When they got home, Gosalyn got in trouble by her father. Gosalyn got punished. She was not allowed to go to Alton Towers. Prince Philip, Ariel, and Boo Boo glared angrily at Gosalyn. And Prince Philip told her, "You're as evil as Negaduck. Go to bed." And then Gosalyn went upstairs to her room. She screamed and cried and she threw a big crying tantrum.

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