One morning. Prince Philip, Ariel, Gosalyn, and Kavu were eating dinner in the dining room. They were having jambalaya, which she hated!

Gosalyn looked disgusted. "No. I'm not eating my dinner." She said.

"But you have to eat your dinner, now eat." Ariel implored her.

Gosalyn glared at her. "No! I want burgers and hot dogs!"

"We are not having burgers and hot dogs, we are having jambalaya, now eat it!" Prince Philip said.

"No!" Gosalyn shouted.

"Yes!" Prince Philip snapped.


"Yes!" Ariel snapped too.


It was Kavu's turn to get cross with Gosalyn "Gosalyn, if you don't eat your jambalaya, then Mowgli and i will eat some dessert."

"You're not being fair!"

Gosalyn became very angry. She threw her dinner at the wall, and it shattered. Prince Philip and Ariel got very angry at Gosalyn. Gosalyn got in big trouble by her mother and her father. Gosalyn got punished. She was allowed to go to the AMC Theaters. Gosalyn got very angry. She glared at Prince Philip and told him, "You are as evil as Dastardly and Muttley." And then she went upstairs to her room in tears.